TCM website hijacked


                    Racial greetings,

              You have reached the site of The Creativity Movement.    Unfortunately the website was illegally hacked and destroyed by corrupt British authorities.     By raiding and tampering with electronic devices owned by an English Creator, in order to gain access to the hosting information.     They then commenced to blocking anyone else from regaining access by changing all vital information, while deleting our main page and putting up a fraudulent claim that the site was "seized".    This was an obvious lie.     These are the actions of desperate anti-White communist agents and undeniable proof that Creativity and any pro-White message is deeply hated.   For men (and i use that term very loosely) who claim to "enforce the law" openly violate the law themselves, to take down a website that promotes love of our own racial kin, just because they clearly hate the White race themselves.     They are no better than the actual non-White terrorists who openly rape, rob and murder our kind on a daily basis.    I will go a step further, not only do they ignore their crimes, but by committing these actions they have proven to be engaged in the same war of White genocide.   

         A direct violation of the law, an open discrimination of religious rights and blatant disregard for common decency these anti-White agents will not silence Creativity.      While the site that took years developing and maintaining is rebuilt from the ground up, we ask for patience.   The Creativity Movement is not gone just because a website is taken down.    While it proves we, unlike others, are a legitimate threat to the anit-White system, it can be rebuilt.      If you want to help please contact    

      Also feel free to let the actual criminals at Merseyside police know how you feel.    But please do not engage in any threats or illegal talk.   Remember THEY are the actual criminals here.

        The lead "detective":

        The criminal enterprise itself posing as law enforcement: